Over the past decade Vandalia Rodworks has seen a variety of logos. I’m still a little attached to the brook trout artwork done by a friendly Glenville State College art professor. It was a painting he did of a Big Run brookie that was donated to TU Back The Brookie. He gave me permission to scan the artwork and use it as I wished for business purposes. Since I never made a dime off of the logo itself I’d say he didn’t harm himself with that permission. Recently, I decided that if I’m ever going to make any noise with Vandalia Rodworks I may need to diversify my thinking and my products. So I plan to begin developing some logo gear pretty soon. An instagram peep of mine, Sam Stewart, designed some pretty cool logos for me.


I’m really digging the new look. The bottom left logo seems to have the most likes from those polled so far. The top logos will likely be used more subtly, such as on front of shirts.


The Brown Coal Tattoo

Don’t ask. Don’t tell.
The latest short video from Vandalia Rodworks. Enjoy!

Excuse me, Pardon me, Excuse me, Coming through

Four years seems like a sufficient amount of time to take a break from blogging don’t you think?

I supposed that it was time to take up writing a little again. Particularly since in my long absence of blogging I have left off trip reports from WVAngler.com, ceased from kibitzing on The Drake and have pretty much sequestered myself into a niche of rod making and conservation overload. Hard to believe that when I left off blogging in ’08 I was still involved solely with Back The Brookie. Since then I have taken on a new role in Trout Unlimited and have really dedicated much of my time and effort there.

Make no mistake, there has been fishing. There will always be fishing. And believe it or not, writing. Last year I started writing a book. This has been an ambition of mine for quite a long time and honestly, I think getting back on the blog horse might be the best thing for this book project to actually take off. I’ve been pretty dissatisfied with the product and may have to chuck the whole thing and start again. I’ve done that with several of my video projects and have ultimately been glad for that decision.

Speaking of video projects, I’m sure everyone has seen my latest videos…one on native trout conservation efforts in West Virginia and also a short video on the 2012 Bucket Brigade. I have acquired an HD camera and have gathered about 6-10 hours of footage this spring that I have yet to start hacking up. In addition to numerous short videos I have put together the following:

  • Vandalia Angler (a 40 min video about fishing in WV and bamboo rodmaking)
  • Montana Orr Bust (a documentary of a trip to Montana with the Orr family)
  • Vandalia Angler 2 (a video about native trout conservation)

None of these turned out the way I wished or envisioned. I am determined to put together a film that looks as polished as one you might see at F3T, but I lack the obvious sponsorship and film team – operating on $0.00, myself as the crew, a laptop and all too often am fishing with other anglers who have no interest in my filming antics and are tricky to get to cooperate with the camera. But what I have more of than anyone else is determination (or delusion, depending on your perspective).

So my children, through a flurry of bullets I’ve returned to this blog project again. Let the party begin.


More Vandalia Rodworks Press

Brad Rice from WCHS TV (Charleston/Huntington ABC Affiliate) came out to the shop and did a nice story on my company Vandalia Rodworks. The prefaced the story with an encouragement for local fly fishing enthusiasts to “look no further than the Kanawha Valley for the perfect Christmas gift”. Geez, as if my two year backlog of orders wasn’t bad enough! Now I’m really covered up. I suppose I should probably raise my prices again soon, but even then the cost/benefit is not incredibly profitable. I enjoy making rods, but sure wish I could engage this type of great marketing with a business that turned a much nicer profit.

Link – Travelling West Virginia: Vandalia Rodworks

I’ve recently made an update to the forums on my start up website WVMountainsport.com. Hopefully that will cut down on some of the spammers. Encourage anyone you know who might be interested in any of the topics there to join up and join in.

Red Gold

Sorry it has been so long since my last post(s). I’ll try to pick it up a bit this winter.

Update on the video progress: I’ve started tearing apart some of my footage and I still want more raw footage. The edge just isn’t there yet. I met with Dr. Todd Petty and got an hour’s worth of footage of him telling all sorts of great novelties and anecdotes about brookies, but I need more. More More MORE.

Till then, have a look at a fantastic conservation video done by a much more apt production company than my own. I’d like to get a copy of this sometime to see, but if anyone has a copy already and wouldn’t mind me crashing your couch to watch it, I’ll bring beverages.

Colorado Video Short

Finally got around to putting some of my Colorado video together, enough for a short-fastandfurious-video anyway. Check it out…

Unfortunately, the resolution on the upload is not all that great so it is hard to see the fish in the water on the video, let alone the flies floating through the pools. I will probably upload a full resolution version in flash format to my website soon.

does that make me famous?

I gots me benches featured on Buster Wants To Fish.

Check It

That and five bucks will get a cup of coffee at Starbucks…should they ever build a reasonably accessible one within an hour of the biggest city in West Virginia. But that’s another story.

steelhead on dries?


Castaway’s Musical Utubes VI

A few months back you may remember that I posted “Heart It Races” by Architecture in Helsinke. AIS is one of my favorites…def the best from down under. Dr. Dog is a band that I’ve come to like as well and that they did a cover of Architecture in Helskinke’s Heart it Races is only icing. I dig this cover. (also check out Dr. Dog’s “The Old Days”…great tune).

Just in case you missed the original version, here is another look at “Heart it Races” from Architecture in Helsinke (the original video is buried in another post…here is a more “live” version if you will)

This another one of my new favorite bands. The Seedy Seeds are from Cincinatti. They’ve got several tunes I like. Apparently they haven’t done any videos yet or at least I didn’t find any on my very short search on youtube. They are like a techno band with a shot of Appalachian banjo, the vocals are good too. All I could find on youtube were a few poorly filmed live performances. If you get a chance, listen to “The Little Patton” and “Changes Less The Moon”. This is a nugget from a performance last year…

New one from Deerhoof. Not their best stuff IMO, but worth a listen.

Smashing Pumpkins cover of Thin Lizzy’s Dancing in The Moonlight. Rock.

More on Colorado

In anticipation for the WVU vs. Colorado game I’ll pile on one more CO post then let it rest. For my non-wvangler.com readers here is Chris’ video of the trip including his great photography.

Let’s Go Mountaineers!