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I’m still here yo

Christmas. Nuff said.

Food in my belly endorsements –

  • Cafe Cimino – Best grub in the state. Absolutely. I’ve eaten at the “Cafe” several times, but not since they opened their new place. It is a really cool place, now complete with a bed & breakfast of sorts. They have rooms upstairs, suites out back and rooms in the carriage house. An external bar down by the riverbank which is really very very nice. A patio fire was burning so you could enjoy the evening air after dinner (after we got a ‘vip’ tour of the suites from staff we decided to head back to Chuck-town so we di’nt enjoy the fire…yo). The inside of the “restaurant” is now an old house (as opposed to the old place) and so you eat in sepearate rooms. Which was actually really cool as it broke up the atmospheres, but we couldn’t hear the live music very well (but what we did hear was quite good…yo). Did I forget to mention the food? Holy jeez, the salad was un-freakin-believable…mixed greens, roasted red peppers, roasted eggplant, capers and a variety of olives. The dressing was amazing. For my entree this go round I got the cod with oysters. Great. For the cap, we split a goblet of hazelnut mousse. If’n you ever go and they have softshell crabs, you’ve lost your mind if you don’t get them. The duck is normally very good and the pork medallions are always great. Tim Urbanek (sp?) is a great chef. He’s been featured on Michael Feldman’s “Whaddyaknow” on NPR.
  • Our first Christmas dinner hosting for the whole family went off quite well. We roasted a ham and the glaze we concocted was out of sight. One of the better hams I’ve made. Kelley made a mashed potato recipe with the normal fare. Deviled eggs, broccoli casserole, homemade rolls, homemade apple butter, cranberry sauce (from a can though) and for the cap I had made a pumpkin cheesecake. Took me about 2 hours to make it and I wasn’t incredibly impressed with this recipe…needs some perfecting yo. I think it was the cheapass gingersnaps I used in the crust.
  • Couple o’ days ago I made crabcakes using the Phillips recipe. They were pretty darn good. The recipe is from the back of a can of Phillips seafood seasoning that I took from the table from their Baltimore restaurant, which is a very good place if you ever go. Get the broiled cakes though, they are the best.
  • Sunday morning’s Gazette had a story about a new-ish Cajun restaurant in Clarksburg. Apparently the chef is a displaced Katrina victim. I CANNOT wait to get up there and give it a run. Inspired, this morning I got up early and made Beignets for breakfast from a mix from Cafe Du Mond in the Big Easy. They were fair to middlin’. Not sweet enuff though.

 Oh, and “yo”.


Thursday Youtubery

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and…Dodge.

I’d like to throw a dodgeball off of Coach Fraudriguez’s face. What a rewarding and fantastic sensation that would bring.

We both love soup. Talking and not talking.

Most folks lose the capability for abstract thought/humor around 5th grade. If Christopher Guest’s movies aren’t funny to you, go directly to your closest movie rental store and pick up a copy of Gone Fishin’. Then after your done laughing yourself silly at completely unintelligent humor, take the batteries out of your remote and swallow them. You don’t deserve television.

and just because I’m feeling mean spirited and take delight at forcing you to hum the rest of the day…

evening drive? whatever…

So I got another yard pass for a day in the woods with my dad on a blackpowder hunt. My target for the last 10 years is a trophy buck and only a trophy buck will do. Couple that task with few days in the woods and I’m really on edge when it comes to hunting plans. So it is more than a little frustrating when you show up at the hunting camp and your plans have been made for you. I wanted to go one place, but was told we were doing a drive and I’d be sitting in another. I hate drives. At least in WV, with it’s rugged topography, very very very very few large bucks are ever taken on a drive. Most of the time, the large bucks hide and let the driving hunters walk right on past. Not to mention the unpredictability of the direction the deer will go and the limited vision the hunter has. So I pretty much wasted the day, but it was nice to not be in the normal routine of life for a spell. Maybe I’m getting less fun. Maybe it is the pressure of the 10 year mission for a trophy and nothing to show for it. I don’t know, but I’m thinking that I have a better time hunting by myself, making my own decisions and not having other people in the woods screwing around stirring things up.

So discharge the barrel till next year. Hopeful that it’ll be a better one.

Reeling In 2007

Given the weather as well as the my theme for 2007…less fishing due to growing demands at home, I’m not sure that I’ll get out more than a time or two at best for the remainder of ’07.  This was a down year for me in terms of days fished, streams fished and sizes of fish. I spent way more of my portioned fishing time this year exploring and fishing brook trout streams than I normally do. Not counting my out of state fishing, I only fished 24 days in ’07 specifically targeting trout in WV (not counting out of state trips). That is nearly half of past years. My kids are requiring more time, my wife’s shift schedule has gotten worse, rod orders are backing up and gas prices have kept me from going out for evening trips a lot more. Not to mention that we had two months worth of drought, you know how that was. In those 24 days, though, I did manage to explore/fish 36 different native, wild and/or fingerling stocked trout water in WV alone this year. On the flipside, I caught exactly 39 more fish in one week in Montana than I did those 24 WV days combined. I also fished Montana and Pennsylvania this year.

Here is my glorious hoo-raa for 2007 and good riddance. My goal for 2008 is to get back to normal on days fished, spend a little more time on warmwater and target big fish slightly more than in ’07. We’ll see.

omazing grace

Adjectives and creative introductions don’t apply to this.

fish tales

Recognizing a killer video involving angling-like qualities, humor and excellent cinema. How about…

Now that gives me some great ideas to do a flyfishing/gangster rap video. We’ll see how it looks after a little effort, may be a bust. Worth looking into though. If I can get it anything like the movie “OfficeSpace” then I may have something.

humble roots

The video that started it all. I bought my wife a small Polaroid digital camera around 2006 that took video. As this was a new feature for me, I had to try it out. The video quality (and photo quality) on this camera wasn’t very good, but it was good enough to start an obsession. I shot the photos in this video with my Canon Rebel K2 35mm. All taken on two different brook trout streams in Pocahontas County. One near Dunmore and the other near Marlinton. The music was some free classical guitar stuff I found online. I think it is something from Handel. Anyway, fast forward to today and I’m longing for a new DSLR and an HD camcorder. Not bad progression since July of 2006 huh?

WV flyshop review

top shops

Serenity Now Outfitters – Cue Les Savy Fav, throw down some one man kazoos (kayaks), some ruff-wear and a bushel of Scott Rods and you’ve got SNO. Craig Miller can cast, but Logan the dog shows him where to. No theme-wear here. Scott, Dan Baileys, Patagucci, Yokahojakashi-fly boxes (and damn neat little things) and the occasional offering from Vandalia Rodworks. How can you go wrong? C’mon Craig, pony up for some Fishpond and Simms for the perfect ending. Downtown Lewisburg is by far the best place going in WV anyway. Run across the street to Del Sol and eat the Greenbrier Valley panini. (God that sounds better than the Wendy’s garbage I just ate.) Or go next door to the famous Food & Friends. It’s all good grub here. After loading up on chow and #18 scuds from SNO, roll out to Second Creek FFO area and photo some giant brown trout.

Anglers Xtreme – How much time ya got? I’ve visited fly shops in probably 10 different states and I’ve yet to encounter any better folk than this downtown Parkersburg shop. Dave & Rich will not treat you like ignorant peons who need to be taught how to fish. The locals shorten the name to simply “Angler’s” and it has become the hub of all things flyfishing and trout in a community that’s about as far from trout water as you can get inside the state’s borders. 99.9% Orvis gear sold here, but they do offer a small selection of Dave Breitmeier’s Elk River Trout Candy (bring your magnifiers) and some great looking WVU Mountaineer gear.

Evergreen Fly Fishing Co. – Holy different colors of dubbing batman. Evergreen offers more variety in fly tying material than I’ve found virtually anywhere. Useful stuff too. I also like their selection of vendors. Sage, Simms, Chota. There’s more where that came from too. If Evergreen would pick up Filson, it’d round their market out perfectly. Too much great lakes chrome lovin’, but we’ve all got our faults.

I haven’t visited the new fly shop in Morgantown yet and I don’t consider box stores harboring a small oasis of light tackle a full service fly shop so they get put on page 2. I’d pretty much put the above 3 into their own class, but will reserve a spot for the Morgantown shop. The old one over behind Mountaineer Field was ok, but I wasn’t blown away by their product offering. There are several other periperal shops around (i.e., Elk River Touring, Elk Springs Flyshop, is Pete’s still open?, etc.).

bailed outside and I pointed my weapon

Dynamite Hack did a cover of Easy E’s Boyz In The Hood that is awesome. I first heard it on DC 101 out of Washington DC a couple of years ago, but it came out around 2000. I bought the album Superfast and I have to say, every other song on the album is better than Boyz In The Hood. Way better. I don’t know why Dynamite Hack didn’t get more songs released. I also don’t know why they never put out another album. If you like alternative rock, this album is a must have in my opinion.

Pretty sure they made this commercial after seeing the above video, but Smirnoff hit it out of the park with this one…