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Serenity Now Outfitters – Cue Les Savy Fav, throw down some one man kazoos (kayaks), some ruff-wear and a bushel of Scott Rods and you’ve got SNO. Craig Miller can cast, but Logan the dog shows him where to. No theme-wear here. Scott, Dan Baileys, Patagucci, Yokahojakashi-fly boxes (and damn neat little things) and the occasional offering from Vandalia Rodworks. How can you go wrong? C’mon Craig, pony up for some Fishpond and Simms for the perfect ending. Downtown Lewisburg is by far the best place going in WV anyway. Run across the street to Del Sol and eat the Greenbrier Valley panini. (God that sounds better than the Wendy’s garbage I just ate.) Or go next door to the famous Food & Friends. It’s all good grub here. After loading up on chow and #18 scuds from SNO, roll out to Second Creek FFO area and photo some giant brown trout.

Anglers Xtreme – How much time ya got? I’ve visited fly shops in probably 10 different states and I’ve yet to encounter any better folk than this downtown Parkersburg shop. Dave & Rich will not treat you like ignorant peons who need to be taught how to fish. The locals shorten the name to simply “Angler’s” and it has become the hub of all things flyfishing and trout in a community that’s about as far from trout water as you can get inside the state’s borders. 99.9% Orvis gear sold here, but they do offer a small selection of Dave Breitmeier’s Elk River Trout Candy (bring your magnifiers) and some great looking WVU Mountaineer gear.

Evergreen Fly Fishing Co. – Holy different colors of dubbing batman. Evergreen offers more variety in fly tying material than I’ve found virtually anywhere. Useful stuff too. I also like their selection of vendors. Sage, Simms, Chota. There’s more where that came from too. If Evergreen would pick up Filson, it’d round their market out perfectly. Too much great lakes chrome lovin’, but we’ve all got our faults.

I haven’t visited the new fly shop in Morgantown yet and I don’t consider box stores harboring a small oasis of light tackle a full service fly shop so they get put on page 2. I’d pretty much put the above 3 into their own class, but will reserve a spot for the Morgantown shop. The old one over behind Mountaineer Field was ok, but I wasn’t blown away by their product offering. There are several other periperal shops around (i.e., Elk River Touring, Elk Springs Flyshop, is Pete’s still open?, etc.).


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  1. what new fly shop in Morgantown?


  2. Petty facts, petty facts. Wouldn’t want to get bogged down with that kind of thing. Actually, I was under the hallucination that the old shop had closed and reopened over off of I79 but now I think I remember hearing that they closed it. Of course, there was that cat on wvangler.com that mentioned putting in some light tackle stuff in an outdoor store somewhere else in town…sportmart style.

  3. us morgantownians have to drive to Uniontown or Clarksburg or I don’t even know where else to get fly tying materials, etc now. it blooooows. hopefully Upstream re-opens. While, as you said, the selection wasn’t the hottest, it beat the crap out of a 30 minute minimum drive.


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