I’m still here yo

Christmas. Nuff said.

Food in my belly endorsements –

  • Cafe Cimino – Best grub in the state. Absolutely. I’ve eaten at the “Cafe” several times, but not since they opened their new place. It is a really cool place, now complete with a bed & breakfast of sorts. They have rooms upstairs, suites out back and rooms in the carriage house. An external bar down by the riverbank which is really very very nice. A patio fire was burning so you could enjoy the evening air after dinner (after we got a ‘vip’ tour of the suites from staff we decided to head back to Chuck-town so we di’nt enjoy the fire…yo). The inside of the “restaurant” is now an old house (as opposed to the old place) and so you eat in sepearate rooms. Which was actually really cool as it broke up the atmospheres, but we couldn’t hear the live music very well (but what we did hear was quite good…yo). Did I forget to mention the food? Holy jeez, the salad was un-freakin-believable…mixed greens, roasted red peppers, roasted eggplant, capers and a variety of olives. The dressing was amazing. For my entree this go round I got the cod with oysters. Great. For the cap, we split a goblet of hazelnut mousse. If’n you ever go and they have softshell crabs, you’ve lost your mind if you don’t get them. The duck is normally very good and the pork medallions are always great. Tim Urbanek (sp?) is a great chef. He’s been featured on Michael Feldman’s “Whaddyaknow” on NPR.
  • Our first Christmas dinner hosting for the whole family went off quite well. We roasted a ham and the glaze we concocted was out of sight. One of the better hams I’ve made. Kelley made a mashed potato recipe with the normal fare. Deviled eggs, broccoli casserole, homemade rolls, homemade apple butter, cranberry sauce (from a can though) and for the cap I had made a pumpkin cheesecake. Took me about 2 hours to make it and I wasn’t incredibly impressed with this recipe…needs some perfecting yo. I think it was the cheapass gingersnaps I used in the crust.
  • Couple o’ days ago I made crabcakes using the Phillips recipe. They were pretty darn good. The recipe is from the back of a can of Phillips seafood seasoning that I took from the table from their Baltimore restaurant, which is a very good place if you ever go. Get the broiled cakes though, they are the best.
  • Sunday morning’s Gazette had a story about a new-ish Cajun restaurant in Clarksburg. Apparently the chef is a displaced Katrina victim. I CANNOT wait to get up there and give it a run. Inspired, this morning I got up early and made Beignets for breakfast from a mix from Cafe Du Mond in the Big Easy. They were fair to middlin’. Not sweet enuff though.

 Oh, and “yo”.


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