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Recieved a new piece of equipment for my arsenal this week. I bought a Digital Hero 3 from Go Pro Camera. Actually, I got it from Amazon.com instead of directly from Go Pro, mostly because if you order from Amazon, you get a discount on the memory card (2 GB card for something like $15). I found out about this camera from AEG Media’s blog, they recommended it for low budget filmmakers like me for nifty underwater shots. The Digital Hero 3 straps to your wrist and features a small camera inside a waterproof casing. It is waterproof to 100′. I haven’t used the camera yet, but here are my initial thoughts:

  • The lens is tiny. Not unlike a Polaroid digital camera I had that I recently sold. The tiny 2 mm lenses normally suck as they do not allow much light in. I have a feeling that underwater shots on headwater brookie streams where the canopy is intact and the stream lies in a canyon will probably not work very well. Not to mention tanin stained streams.
  • I got it for the video function. It takes 3.0 megapixel still photos, which may end up being what it gets used for as I’m really skeptical if the video quality will be good enough to view on television via DVD. Even then, 3.0 megapixel shots are cool for the interwebs, but not for high resolution magazine quality or larger prints.
  • It has a continual still shot feature where you can set it down and it snaps a photo every 5 seconds until you push the shutter again. This will fill up the memory with a bunch of useless photos, but might end up being really cool for solo trips and distant angling shots as well as for use when snowboarding, mountain biking, etc.
  • The “surfer strap” that comes on it seems like it might not hold the camera in the horizontal position very well if rigorous activity, but we’ll see. It comes with a different “glove strap” that looks like it will work better, may try using it.
  • There is no rear lcd screen, so you’ll have no idea how your photos/video turns out until you get home and put it on the pc.
  • Might be fun to strap the wrist strap around dead limbs laying along the stream, turn on the timer and hold the camera way up high for unique angled shots. Not sure if I trust myself to hold it way underwater on a limb though, that might be a recipe for losing your camera.

Should be good fun experimenting with this camera. It only costs about $140 which is much less than any other waterproof mechanism. I built a waterproof housing for my digital camcorder for these types of shots, but the housing weighs about 10 lbs. and is a real pain to carry around on the stream. It also has a slight leak that I haven’t worked out yet. If the Go Pro works out for me, I may be looking to unload the camera housing. Let me know if interested. Here is a photo of the housing…


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  1. Why not a Pentax Optio? Looks pretty neat… let us know how it does!

  2. ha! it’s a little camera submarine!


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