Fryday Wheeee

Dairy Queen burgers suck bad. What part of that meat makes DQ management think people will gravitate towards their restaurants for a tasty bite of filler smothered in cheese. If it weren’t for the fact that my wife wanted to meet for lunch and that she wanted Starbucks at the mall (the only Fivebucks in Charleston) I’d never eat there. Well, the Blizzards aren’t too bad in a pinch and the gravy isn’t bad in the overpriced chicken basket meal, but how on earth do you screw up gravy? I assisted in some investigations at the Chas. Town Center concerning their sanitation last year. I cannot go into details, but if I have to eat at the mall I prefer DQ and rest assured it isn’t for culinary genious.

I got volunteered to tie some flies at the KVCTU booth at the WV Hunting & Fishing Show tomorrow afternoon so if you’re around stop by and give me a shout. There was a time I was downright giddy to go to this show, but after about 10 consecutive years of it I’m getting pretty tired of it all. Incessant blowing of turkey calls, taxidermists I’ll never use, Botswanian outfitters I’ll never use, massive crowds…I’d normally pass. I’d love to go to a fly fishing show sometime though, I could dig that.

Thanks to Rick B. for giving me a shout last night after finding out about an outdoor photo & film festival sponsored by Adventures Edge in Morgantown. I’ll have some submissions. Here is their website, caution, it’s old school html…why does this store have a .org address?

It’s Friday, wheee (caution: f-bombs and strife…and gonads)


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Bamboo rodmaker. Prognosticator. Fly Angling Purist S.O.B. Dabble in snowboarding/mountain biking/backpacking. Right Wing Environmentalist. Food Junkie. Hillbilly. Intellectual Geek.

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