Cold Spell

Took me exactly 2 months to break the formula. I wanted to try to do a highlight video of each month. But since February was so freaking cold I had to grab a few footage shots from early March to complete a 4 minute video worth watching.

On these videos, nothing is scripted or preplanned…at least not normally. Sometimes I have an idea for a shot, but it rarely turns out as expected anyway. The music is also rarely preplanned. This is normally how it goes on these short clips: I use Windows Movie Maker for the short films, I randomly drag and drop clips, add a few effects like speed ups-sharpening/darkening/lightening images-time trails-etc., maybe an occasional interesting transition (none on this one though), then I import about 3 or 4 random mp3’s from a big library of songs and drop each one onto the time frame and listen to it, if it flows okay it sticks. Simple as that. Maybe some adjustments of clips to match certain elements within the song. In the case of this video, I put the underwater shots of gratefulphisher’s 15″ rainbow when the guitar picks up heavyness. Some stuff like that.

There is a short clip of the capitol and one of Jack Williams declining to comment on a certain day’s activity in the legislature – those from WV will understand why I included these otherwise non-flowing clips into this “February Highlight” video. The legislative session is over now thank God. Now we can focus 100% on the business of fishing.


About wvangler

Bamboo rodmaker. Prognosticator. Fly Angling Purist S.O.B. Dabble in snowboarding/mountain biking/backpacking. Right Wing Environmentalist. Food Junkie. Hillbilly. Intellectual Geek.

Posted on March 11, 2008, in Killer Youtoob linx, Shameless Video Plugs. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Great Videos and Pics bro!

  2. Nice!!!
    Enjoyed the clip bro!!!

  3. Sweeet video. Ready for spring now though. Who is that on the soundtrack?? I like it.

  4. The soundtrack is Booksmart Devil by Silversun Pickups off of the album Carnavas.

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