double dipping – this time it matters

It was bound to happen again. When you carry camera equipment on the stream, sooner or later the stream will bite.

Today I stopped for a quick fish on a small Fayette County stream on the way home from working in Greenbrier County. I didn’t have long, but I wanted to get some more video and while I was suiting up I decided to shoot some more film of some brown trout. I don’t have a whole lot of artistic brown trout shots so I figured “why not”?  So I grabbed my SLR, my digital point and shoot, my digital video camera (mounted on a tripod) and my underwater digital camera – yes, that’s 4 cameras.

I set up the tripod, slipped down into the water and on my first cast I nailed a nice 13″ brown trout. This is what it’s all about right? Well, it was such a beautiful fish that I decided right off to let the camera roll and at the same time get the SLR into action and take a few nice macro shots of the great colors on this brown. My stupid SLR does this thing to me every now and then where it absolutely will not allow a photo to be taken in macro mode. I do not know why it does this, but it is the source of much cursing streamside when it happens. I held the fish underwater for a minute while I fought with it (turning the camera on and off several times sometimes cures it, but not this time). I hated to not get a shot of the fish so I decided to try the underwater camera. The fish didn’t cooperate much and slipped out the wrong way while I was working the camera. The only decent shot was out of focus so I did a little editing (see below). Turns out, while I was fooling with the underwater shots my SLR was dangling into the water the whole time without me knowing it. DUMB DUMB DUMB. I rushed it back to the car and took the lens off for drying.

So with that loss, I went ahead upstream and about 10 minutes into filming the second hole I decided to move the video camera location. I set down the tripod and it was a little off kilter, but I figured it’d be fine until I moved it again. DUMB DUMB DUMB. The tripod teetered over and before I could catch it, splash went the camera. Two down.

This is the second video camera I’ve dunked. The first one is still in my posession, but has a permanent lens fog that will not go away and is essentially junk for my purpose of commercial film making. All I can do tonight is beg God to have mercy on me and not junk the second edition. I bought an extended warranty on this camera knowing this was bound to happen. I only hope that it is still in effect and I can get a replacement. Hope to find out tomorrow.


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