fishin shows

They appeal to the audience. Apparently.

I haven’t watched a fly fishing show in a long long time. Fly Fishing America used to be pretty good. The saltwater ones are good for about 10 minutes, then you get irritated that they are doing all this in some location that would cost you the price of a year’s tuition in a local university to fish and you zap the screen. Fly Fishing “Adventure” movies and shows are now getting to that point. I like what AEG, Felt Sole Media, etc. have done to an extent, but I am completely disconnected from it. Nobody I know has the means to trot the world doing that stuff so it seems more like scifi than angling.

Then there are the big fish. Which are cool and all, but I kind of get bored just watching people catch big fish. I tend to think there are other folks like me that would rather see really cool locations, not stream locations, but interesting surroundings in vague regions of states that middle class fishermen like me can realistically expect to find. I also want to see native species and some more conservation, science, journalism and ecology thrown in. Trout Unlimited is really pumping up their new show, which in theory has promise to involve those aspects. The host of the show is a guide from Colorado who was one of the anglers on Felt Sole Media’s ‘Running Down The Man’ catching roosterfish in Baja. That alone makes me real skeptical that much quality of those listed attributes will be met. Now that movie is great, but it in essence meets those above mentioned things that I don’t like about new fishing media. The host being a western guide, I also don’t anticipate much seeking of small native salmonids like 5″ westslope cutthroat in an alpine trickle, conchos trout in the Mexican desert or 6″ brookies in West Virginia for that matter. That’s the kind of stuff I’d like to see, but fat chance it’ll get air. Also, on the Itinerant Angler podcast said host mentioned that he was amazed at the work that TU was doing in other places. Personally I’d prefer the host of this new show be someone who is already well informed about TU matters from state to state. An entire season of doing nothing but fishing and talking with the NLC rep from every state TU council would be intensely interesting. The NLC reps could explain what is going in their state and show a bit of fishing for native species in their state. How cool would that be? I’m not going to pass my official judgement though until I see it.


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