spring, it’s here

To me, the beginning of spring is not a date on the calendar. It isn’t turkey’s gobbling or quill gordons hatching (although that is really cool). It is when I find my first trillium blooms. I did that Saturday and man am I fired up now. Time for the good kind of fishing, the one where you fly floats on the top of the water.

There was something even better about Saturday though, it was the first TU project that I’ve been able to participate in this year. The trash cleanup on Arbuckle Creek. A good core group of KVCTU volunteers, some members of PAN and locals from the community of Minden showed up to clean garbage up from the trailhead at the National Park border all the way up through Minden proper. I’ve participated in clean ups on Elkhorn Creek where you felt like you were spitting into the wind, but this is one where we made a huge difference. The stream is REMARKABLY cleaner now than when we started. Even the roadsides were cleaned up a good bit. Of course, the canyon down in the National Park is still pretty bad as far as flooded in trash, but it would take a monumental effort to remove that garbage. I still feel pretty good about what was pulled off.

Princenymph finally got his panties out of a wad.

Afterward, we dabbled in some angling sport amongst the denizens of a couple of area streams. Some were cooperative, others not so much. The water was high and the fish were not real active. I fished deep and big and moved several fish…more than I can remember. Hooking several and only landing a couple. The biggest of the day was a thick 15″ to 18″ brown that I was forced to play in shallow water because there was a young kid learning to flyfish in the deeper hole just below where I was playing the fish and I determined that it was better to lose the fish than to mess up that kid’s fishing. I played the fish to my net then just as I touched the hog with the bottom of the net hoop it flipped and broke me off. Actually, I had two big fish break me off Saturday, the other one never showed itself so I was not able to gauge its size.


These little guys were the only things rising to the hordes of BWO’s hatching. There were several Quill Gordon’s hatching too, but nothing rising to them. I watched several of those big bombers flopping about on the water’s surface right over prime trout holds and not one fish took any of them. I was amazed at that.



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