Castaway’s Musical U-tubarations I

Since Castaway enjoys my musical selections, I’ve renamed all future musical plugs to honor the cool dad.

Matisyahu – The reggae, rapping, Jewish guy. How much better does that get. To quote Nigel Tufnel on Spinal Tap, “None, None more better”. Ok, so I paraphrased.

Ok, so this one is a direct link since YouTube had disabled embedding for Matisyahu. What’s the big deal.

Click Here – If you’ve never heard the King Without A Crown -Live At Stubbs version you need to click


Radiohead – I can only get into certain Radiohead songs, but this one is awesome – even live

Rogue Wave – The video for Lake Michigan and the song itself is much better, but yet again – embedding disabled. Actually, a bunch of stuff I’ve looked up to post here is embedding disabled. Jerks. Anyway, Rogue Wave is pretty cool, but they are awful when live. At least what little bit I watched of them on youtube was horrible. Being an awful live band doesn’t necessarily mean much to me though. In my opinion music is an artform and if they produce a clean track with a unique sound with good lyrics that’s good enough to entertain me.

Lastly, here is a really great website to sample bands via blogs. It is a music blog aggregator and has a great search feature.




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  1. Wow!!! I am truly honored my friend!!! Being the dad of an artistist/music loving daughter, I have been exposed to some really cool groups that get zero to little air play. In fact, for my wedding this Saturday, we are using music from a group called Vitamin String Quartet. They take modern alternative songs from My Chemical Romance, Smashing Pumpkins etc & do instrumental versions with violins etc. Pretty sweet stuff.
    Thanks bro!!!

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