Promised Photos 3

Couple of news nuggets first:

  • I’ve recently updated my Vandalia Rodworks website. Make SURE you check it out and let me know right here what you think. I created a new index page (the start up page) that gives you a quicker portal between Vandalia Rodworks and Vandalia Imageworks. I’ve tweaked the Imageworks site a little bit by adding a price list for prints. Also, I tweaked the rod site some by changing some of the biography stuff on the makers, some of the Odds & Ends page has also changed by removing non-rod specific stuff that is more appropriate for the Imageworks site. However, I will not remove the submitted galleries from those who’ve sent me photos of their fishing with Vandalia cane. I still have to put together Steve Sattler’s submitted gallery still yet. I’ll be making more updates when I can get to it.
  • I’m gearing up and making plans for the 2008 First Annual Spring WV Brookie Walkabout. May 2-4 will find 3 hapless trout bums and myself wandering around a remote WV location with backpacks and fishing rods. I’ve been fired up about this trip since last fall. Should provide plenty of photo and video opportunity. Don’t get too fired up though, as I’ll probably reserve much of the video portion of that for profit <evil laugh>. So yesterday I hit a sweet deal at Dick’s Sporting Goods. I gathered up some backpacking materials in my arms (i.e., new MSR stove, misc. odds & ends)…about $100 worth…and proceeded to the checkout. Using my Dave Ramsey bargaining skills I needled the checkout girl for some discounts. She was really cool about it (thanks Erica) and tolled over to the filing cabinets where she spent 10 minutes looking for coupons. She returned with a 20% off coupon AND a $10 off total order coupon – yep, she combined them. I ended up with a $50 MSR Pocket Rocket stove, for about $30, $18 for a kickin’ headlamp  and a new Kelty camp pillow for $2. Righteous. “Used” my savings at a nearby store on a new, more compact tripod.

Now, some pictures…or in the verbage of WV Appalachian flunkies…some ‘pitchers’.

I dig the name of this church, I’m sure you do too…


big ol’ moths and a few caddis out, this was my offering…

this was milla’s…and the result thereof


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