Good Ol’ Cobbler

The year of WV’s inception into the Back The Brookie program we were invited to the Trout Unlimited Southeast Rally in Abingdon, Virginia. We took the full slate of BTB Chairs sans the Education Chair including Jeff Nelsen, Dave Fulton, Lee Orr and myself. The Magical Mystery Tour of WV comrades found a well organized rally full of helpful seminars on conservation and leadership as well as a healthy trout stream by the name of Whitetop Laurel. Lee and I also did some bushwhacking for native brookies, but came back with gooseggs on that one.

On the last evening we had live entertainment from an upstart bluegrass band named “High Windy”. I’ve been to a handful of local bluegrass bills before and was expecting more of the same…some mediocre picking and some off key singing. But these guys were legit and put on a great show. Even Lee was impressed. After their second encore most of the crowd of about 100 folks left for bed or elsewhere. The band mingled around a bit and then jumped back on stage and did another dozen songs for the dozen or so people remaining. Then about 6 or 7 of that audience fell to sleepy attrition and the band gathered in the back of the building around the fire and commenced to playing another dozen or more songs. It was awesome.

When we thought the evening was done the band and the 3 or 5 of us remaining retired to the kitchen where we discovered that there was entire rack full of peach cobbler in the industrial strength fridge. Keep in mind that by this time most in attendance were fully inebriated. But that descriptor doesn’t begin to cover the guitar player. A better ‘adjective’ would be “barely standing”. But geez that dude was funny. I think he got in everyone’s face that night at least a dozen times to bleed out his true love for peach cobbler. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard ever.

So anyway, Kim Ryals – former TU National Brook Trout Coordinator, sent me a link today to High Windy’s website with reminiscence of that night. Those of you who enjoy bluegrass should click and click hard. These guys are good.

High Windy Band – Website


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