12 step program

Hi. I’m Phil and I’m a cameraholic.

The first step is admitting the problem. As mentioned yesterday, I had aspiration for a short bit of fishing today. I skipped lunch and timed my lunch time perfectly for a stop on an obscure section of Dunloup Creek today. I rigged up my 7 piece travel rod, threw on a pair of leaky waders & boots, flipped a lanyard around my neck and stuck a flybox in my pocket. Note that there was no camera involved. I did not take a camera with me today and for the first time in a very long time I fished without one. It felt a little strange.

This section of the creek is pretty flat, hence why it is overlooked. There are only a few slight riffles and most of the section is lined with houses. There are a few sections of riprap banks where I’ve found fish to hold. I tied on a #14 Hot Hayne Parachute and started to work. Within 5 minutes of stepping into the creek I had made it to one of the spots where a nervous riffle clears out a small pocket of about 2′ wide by about 4′ long by about 2′ deep. Good enough to give up a fish nearly every time I visit this section. I made a perfect cast above the pocket and as my HHP drifted down beside the pocket I high sticked the fly over into the calm. Instantly a nice 12″ brown trout inhaled the fly. After the short fight I had the fish to hand and natural instinct was to reach for a camera.

I have to admit, I don’t take many photos of average trout anymore. Occasionally I do, but normally I don’t make that effort. But for some reason, maybe being such a long 3 weeks since I last fished, I had the urge to photo the fish. I held the fish for a few seconds and it actually felt great not to have a camera. This time I was just fishing. That’s all. Just fishing. Not taking photos. Not taking video. No ulterior motive. Just fishing and it was great. I have resolved to do more of this. Savor the experience by simplifying something that is already simple.


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Bamboo rodmaker. Prognosticator. Fly Angling Purist S.O.B. Dabble in snowboarding/mountain biking/backpacking. Right Wing Environmentalist. Food Junkie. Hillbilly. Intellectual Geek.

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