Grab Bag

Water levels are freakishly erratic this month for sure. Two weekends ago the WV highland streams were abnormally low considering the world record wet spring we had. Then yesterday I was going to attempt some southern WV streams to discover that they were all blown out. So Nathan Reese and I decided to head north. Nearly every body of water we crossed was high or blown out completely, but the brook trout stream we targeted just west of Elkins was at normal to low flow. It is a brook trout stream that has yielded some bruiser brook trout to me in the past years, but had not been visited by me for some time. I discovered that the local mouthbreathers had deposited several garbage truck loads of litter and filth along the stream. There were dead tents, thousands of cans and bottles, household garbage strung about and plenty of fishing line hanging around. I reiterate that in no way do I subscribe to the commonly held belief that rampant poaching of brook trout occurs in WV. I don’t believe it does happen. I fish too much and in too many places and see very little evidence of hee haw angling pressure. This stream is getting hammered. But despite that, there is still a good population and always will be unless the habitat is strangled. Which is what worries me. I did not find any big fish, but in no way do I blame the angling. I found banks of siltation that had not been there before. Entire riffles were smothered with sand. Looks like the four wheelers are taking quite a toll on the creek. So yes, the mouthbreathers are killing this creek, but it wasn’t the five foot stick with the fishing line tied to it that I found on the bank, it was the ATVs (Asshole Tresspassing Vehicles) that are doing it.

I’ll have some photos up in the next few days. Until then, enjoy some completely unrelated blasts from the past that you will never see combined together on any other blog, ever…


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  1. I believe I know what stream you speak of. Fished it earlier this Spring and the amount of trash & stuff was unbelievable. As of child of the 70’s-80’s, the hankerin for a hunk of cheese brought back fond memories of Saturday morning Bugs Bunny cartoons. A big bowl of Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks or Cocoa Krispies. Also remember the Conjunction Junction shorts too. “What’s your function”The Kip Adonna video also brought back some flashbacks.

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