Trip Prep: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I’m seriously pumped and incredibly distracted. Today is Wednesday and on Friday, sometime around an unmentionable hour of the morning, an epic crusade will begin. I will roll out of Charleston metro towards Parkersburg for a rendezvous with my ecoangling wingman NA then on to our final ground destination of Akron, OH-10. From there, our journey will seek the friendly skies as we zip into Denver, Colorado. By early morning we will be in our rental car with NA’s next of kin (brother) heading towards Rocky Mountain trout water. You effin right.

This trip is about the natives. Chris (NA) and I are native freaks. We will be targeting the Greenback Cutthroat, the Rio Grande Cutthroat (may be listed as engangered species by the end of the month) and the Colorado River Cutthroat. We will also spend some time on brookies, river strain greyling, kokanee salmon and some of the big trout that will be trailing the kokes scavenging eggs.

Prep – The Good

I normally carry 6 to 10 fly boxes on my big vest. When brookie fishing I normally carry one box. Seeing that I am mostly targeting voracious feeding cutts, but with a smattering of other things, and not wanting to be out there without 13 different varieties of #14 hare’s ear nymphs (sarcasm) I made up a resonable consolidation. I switched vests for this trip to a Fishpond backpack/chestpack style vest for the convenience of having a nice backpack for all the hiking we’re going to do (also plan to summit the highest peak in Colorado, Mt. Elbert). So I’m taking only three fly boxes. Two of them will be in the backpack for specialization, but the main box for the front chestpack is as follows…

they dont stand a chance

they don't stand a chance

A – Feng Shui, The Sound of One Hand Clapping, #62 white chernobyl ants and my Chi with some room left over.

B – #16 Tan Elk Hair Caddis (EHC)

C – #14 Adams Wulff Parachutes

D – #18 Adams Wulff Parachutes

E,F – #8 Conehead Olive Woolly Buggers

G – #12 Tan EHC and CDC/Elk

H – #8 BH Squirrel Tail Nymphs and a couple of #8 Black Buggers

I – Assorted Big Honkin Stimulators

J – Assorted Big Honkin Hopper Patterns

K – #14 Hot Hayne AuSable Parachutes (HHAP)

L – #12 Tan EHC, Bleached Wing

M – #12 Olive EHC, Natural Wing

N – #14 Royal Trude

O – Assorted #14 stimulators

P – Assorted #16-#18 stimulators

Prep – The Bad

I can’t find my ipod fm tuner/charger or my polarized prescription sunglasses anywhere. Kind of pissed about that.

Prep – The Ugly

Leaving a day before my daughter’s 3rd birthday and not coming back for 9 days. I’m in some serious dog-housage over it. Yard passes will be hard to come by in September.


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  1. Wow. I’ve seen the pics that NA post from his Western trips. Very cool.
    Travel safe & have a blast. Ummm…take some pics ok?

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