Chris Shockey and I put 1600 miles on a rental car last week driving Colorado for that state’s cuttslam…the attempt at catching all native subspecies of the cutthroat trout (Onchorynchus clarki) that are indigenous to Colorado. We were able to catch both the Greenback Cutt and Colorado River Cutt in Rocky Mountain National Park. Both of these subspecies have been upgraded from the Endangered Species Act Listing to a Threatened Species listing, but only about 20 streams are known to harbor each population. We caught Rio Grande cutts at two different streams in southern CO. According to the last issue of Trout magazine the Rio Grande Cutt will likely be listed on the Endangered Species Act listing by next month. We additionally caught Arctic Grayling, Kokanee Salmon and brook trout. We also saw prairie dogs, elk, moose, beaver, bighorn sheep, porcupine, antelope, marmot, pika, chipmunks, red squirrels, spruce grouse, heron, a golden eagle, kingfisher, Lewis jay, kestrel, hawks, crows, ravens, ptarmigan and a dozen or more unidentified birds and creatures.

The crowning accomplishment of the week was climbing the second highest point in the lower 48 states on Friday; Mt. Elbert at 14,433′. It was the single most difficult and demanding physical experience of my life. We ascended over 4,000 in about 4 miles to summit…fifty feet at a time. We hit the trailhead with headlamps on at 5:45 am and made summit at 10:30 am. We made it back to trailhead at 1:45 pm.
Great dinners at Pappadeux and the younger Shockey’s residence, freeze dried breakfasts at 10,500′ high campsites and tuna on uber isolated trout streams. Bushwhacking through intense deadfalls, fishing upstream in some of the steepest gradients I’ve ever seen and witnessing incredible wildlife action streamside. It was a great week.I shot a couple of hours worth of video and better than 400 photos. I will work through the video for editing later. I’ll begin a slightly more detailed synopsis with photo galleries tomorrow.
We Bad

We Bad


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