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steelhead on dries?



Castaway’s Musical Utubes VI

A few months back you may remember that I posted “Heart It Races” by Architecture in Helsinke. AIS is one of my favorites…def the best from down under. Dr. Dog is a band that I’ve come to like as well and that they did a cover of Architecture in Helskinke’s Heart it Races is only icing. I dig this cover. (also check out Dr. Dog’s “The Old Days”…great tune).

Just in case you missed the original version, here is another look at “Heart it Races” from Architecture in Helsinke (the original video is buried in another post…here is a more “live” version if you will)

This another one of my new favorite bands. The Seedy Seeds are from Cincinatti. They’ve got several tunes I like. Apparently they haven’t done any videos yet or at least I didn’t find any on my very short search on youtube. They are like a techno band with a shot of Appalachian banjo, the vocals are good too. All I could find on youtube were a few poorly filmed live performances. If you get a chance, listen to “The Little Patton” and “Changes Less The Moon”. This is a nugget from a performance last year…

New one from Deerhoof. Not their best stuff IMO, but worth a listen.

Smashing Pumpkins cover of Thin Lizzy’s Dancing in The Moonlight. Rock.