Monthly Archives: November 2008

Red Gold

Sorry it has been so long since my last post(s). I’ll try to pick it up a bit this winter.

Update on the video progress: I’ve started tearing apart some of my footage and I still want more raw footage. The edge just isn’t there yet. I met with Dr. Todd Petty and got an hour’s worth of footage of him telling all sorts of great novelties and anecdotes about brookies, but I need more. More More MORE.

Till then, have a look at a fantastic conservation video done by a much more apt production company than my own. I’d like to get a copy of this sometime to see, but if anyone has a copy already and wouldn’t mind me crashing your couch to watch it, I’ll bring beverages.


Colorado Video Short

Finally got around to putting some of my Colorado video together, enough for a short-fastandfurious-video anyway. Check it out…

Unfortunately, the resolution on the upload is not all that great so it is hard to see the fish in the water on the video, let alone the flies floating through the pools. I will probably upload a full resolution version in flash format to my website soon.

does that make me famous?

I gots me benches featured on Buster Wants To Fish.

Check It

That and five bucks will get a cup of coffee at Starbucks…should they ever build a reasonably accessible one within an hour of the biggest city in West Virginia. But that’s another story.