Monthly Archives: December 2008

More Vandalia Rodworks Press

Brad Rice from WCHS TV (Charleston/Huntington ABC Affiliate) came out to the shop and did a nice story on my company Vandalia Rodworks. The prefaced the story with an encouragement for local fly fishing enthusiasts to “look no further than the Kanawha Valley for the perfect Christmas gift”. Geez, as if my two year backlog of orders wasn’t bad enough! Now I’m really covered up. I suppose I should probably raise my prices again soon, but even then the cost/benefit is not incredibly profitable. I enjoy making rods, but sure wish I could engage this type of great marketing with a business that turned a much nicer profit.

Link – Travelling West Virginia: Vandalia Rodworks

I’ve recently made an update to the forums on my start up website Hopefully that will cut down on some of the spammers. Encourage anyone you know who might be interested in any of the topics there to join up and join in.