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Castaway’s Musical Utubes VI

A few months back you may remember that I posted “Heart It Races” by Architecture in Helsinke. AIS is one of my favorites…def the best from down under. Dr. Dog is a band that I’ve come to like as well and that they did a cover of Architecture in Helskinke’s Heart it Races is only icing. I dig this cover. (also check out Dr. Dog’s “The Old Days”…great tune).

Just in case you missed the original version, here is another look at “Heart it Races” from Architecture in Helsinke (the original video is buried in another post…here is a more “live” version if you will)

This another one of my new favorite bands. The Seedy Seeds are from Cincinatti. They’ve got several tunes I like. Apparently they haven’t done any videos yet or at least I didn’t find any on my very short search on youtube. They are like a techno band with a shot of Appalachian banjo, the vocals are good too. All I could find on youtube were a few poorly filmed live performances. If you get a chance, listen to “The Little Patton” and “Changes Less The Moon”. This is a nugget from a performance last year…

New one from Deerhoof. Not their best stuff IMO, but worth a listen.

Smashing Pumpkins cover of Thin Lizzy’s Dancing in The Moonlight. Rock.


Castaway’s Musical Youtuberations V

Due for another one of these. Last week’s absence due to the bamboo rodmaking school zapped all my free time and had nary a minute to bang out a blog entry. I’m getting quite a backlog of great photos that haven’t been displayed. Maybe when/if things slow down I’ll post a few on here randomly.

Till then, you can suffer through some more musical youtoobs. The theme for today’s musical yootubes is ‘Alternative Rock/Beat/Techno female lead songs’. It’s a crazy mishmash, but all with the common thread.

Some more throwback…the most addicting song ever. You’ll hum it for the rest of the day. But at least it is really a good song.

Suzanne Vega – Tom’s Diner

Some stuff from M.I.A.. I’ve got a vision for how this song’s opening would look killer in a film feature. Open up with a fixed camera stationed on a moving car looking at the speeding roadside accoutrements while the subject’s vehicle rolls into the picture. That’s the opening this song needs in vision. Anyway, here is ‘Paper Planes’.

More gay disabling by ball hogging corporate music types on youtube goings on. So here is the dumb photo stand in for this song. Close your eyes and it may be better, but it is an interesting tune. My wife likes it to exercise to.

Shiney Toy Guns has a bunch of tunes I like. This is one my wife likes best for running. Again, punks disabled all the real videos so another gay stand in has to do. Le Disko…

Castaway’s Musical Youtuberations IV

Flight of the Conchords are too freaking funny to be let go with just two vids.

Think About It…

The Most Beautiful Girl In The Room…

Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenocyrus

Ladies of the World


Castaway’s Musical Youtuberations III

After a long absence from consuming your mind with fishing snobbery I decided it was time to come back out of the tent, blow on the hot coals a bit and get the campfire raging again. Once I get it raging, I’ll throw on a bit of gasoline, really fire it up, maybe the fire will follow the trail of dribbled gasoline back to my hands and I’ll become completely engulfed in flames. Then everyone will have a good laugh and say, that Phil, he’s such a clown. Then I’ll be taken away in an ambulance where I’ll bring the house down with some good racially insensitive jokes to the EMT’s. But the driver is from Canada and they’ll be offended. So the driver will drive a lot slower and the pain will become more severe. So I’ll have to lighten him up with some songs. But then I find out it is not a him, but a her and I’m really wanting to laugh. So while I’m singing I am trying to hold back the laughter so I keep snorting through my nose which the EMT’s think is my strangling on some sort of bodily fluid. To quell the situation I combine laughter and song in a smooth sense and I crank out “It’s Business, It’s Business Time”…

Oh, let’s not stop there. Flight Of The Conchords is much too high on the scale to be let go with one song. Actually, these dudes need to be heard and heard often. So let’s give ’em one more Motha’uckas.

Now that you’ve gotten everyone in your office contorted as to why you are in hysteria you can safely hit the next two and take the drama down a notch. This is just good listening…

Sea Wolf is a stupid name for a band. Then to use the word “wolf” again in one of their biggest debut songs is equally as dumb. I’ve never understood the rock and roll fascination with the word ‘wolf’, but in other genres it is as ubiquitous as the word ‘beer’ in country music, ‘killed’ in bluegrass music, humming in jazz music or ‘baby’ in bubblegum music. Dumb. But the song is actually good and a track worthy of my regular rotation, even if there only like 12 guitar players in this band…

If you haven’t seen the movie “Into The Wild” yet I highly recommend it. The true story of Christopher McCandless is good, but the cinematography is worth seeing the film in itself. The soundtrack is killer too.

Good Ol’ Cobbler

The year of WV’s inception into the Back The Brookie program we were invited to the Trout Unlimited Southeast Rally in Abingdon, Virginia. We took the full slate of BTB Chairs sans the Education Chair including Jeff Nelsen, Dave Fulton, Lee Orr and myself. The Magical Mystery Tour of WV comrades found a well organized rally full of helpful seminars on conservation and leadership as well as a healthy trout stream by the name of Whitetop Laurel. Lee and I also did some bushwhacking for native brookies, but came back with gooseggs on that one.

On the last evening we had live entertainment from an upstart bluegrass band named “High Windy”. I’ve been to a handful of local bluegrass bills before and was expecting more of the same…some mediocre picking and some off key singing. But these guys were legit and put on a great show. Even Lee was impressed. After their second encore most of the crowd of about 100 folks left for bed or elsewhere. The band mingled around a bit and then jumped back on stage and did another dozen songs for the dozen or so people remaining. Then about 6 or 7 of that audience fell to sleepy attrition and the band gathered in the back of the building around the fire and commenced to playing another dozen or more songs. It was awesome.

When we thought the evening was done the band and the 3 or 5 of us remaining retired to the kitchen where we discovered that there was entire rack full of peach cobbler in the industrial strength fridge. Keep in mind that by this time most in attendance were fully inebriated. But that descriptor doesn’t begin to cover the guitar player. A better ‘adjective’ would be “barely standing”. But geez that dude was funny. I think he got in everyone’s face that night at least a dozen times to bleed out his true love for peach cobbler. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard ever.

So anyway, Kim Ryals – former TU National Brook Trout Coordinator, sent me a link today to High Windy’s website with reminiscence of that night. Those of you who enjoy bluegrass should click and click hard. These guys are good.

High Windy Band – Website

CastAway’s Musical UTuberations II

The Coconut Records and Weezer videos are not “official videos”. Just video that some folks put to the song to subvert the grand anti-embedding conspiracy. Just more of the same, stuff I listen to on my ipod while tooling up and down WV’s vast highway system.

Coconut Records – West Coast

Brand new stuff from the Presidents of the United States of America – Mixed Up S.O.B.

Brand new stuff from Weezer – Pork & Beans

Okkerville River – For Real

Castaway’s Musical U-tubarations I

Since Castaway enjoys my musical selections, I’ve renamed all future musical plugs to honor the cool dad.

Matisyahu – The reggae, rapping, Jewish guy. How much better does that get. To quote Nigel Tufnel on Spinal Tap, “None, None more better”. Ok, so I paraphrased.

Ok, so this one is a direct link since YouTube had disabled embedding for Matisyahu. What’s the big deal.

Click Here – If you’ve never heard the King Without A Crown -Live At Stubbs version you need to click


Radiohead – I can only get into certain Radiohead songs, but this one is awesome – even live

Rogue Wave – The video for Lake Michigan and the song itself is much better, but yet again – embedding disabled. Actually, a bunch of stuff I’ve looked up to post here is embedding disabled. Jerks. Anyway, Rogue Wave is pretty cool, but they are awful when live. At least what little bit I watched of them on youtube was horrible. Being an awful live band doesn’t necessarily mean much to me though. In my opinion music is an artform and if they produce a clean track with a unique sound with good lyrics that’s good enough to entertain me.

Lastly, here is a really great website to sample bands via blogs. It is a music blog aggregator and has a great search feature.



this will trigger a seizure

Them that don’t know him won’t like him and them that do,
Sometimes won’t know how to take him.
He ain’t wrong, he’s just different but his pride won’t let him,
Do things to make you think he’s right.

music to pick your nose to (1)

A mixtape of stuff worth plying your ears to en route to the cobbler, barber or gynecologist’s office. Wherever you go, there you are, and you should have some good music to make the trip worthwhile.

Architecture In Helsinke – Heart It Races

Worth at least a dozen listens before you write them off. The band is a collection of brilliant art major geeks best I can tell, but awesome. The artwork on their website is really cool too. On Youtube there is also a version of Heart It Races that they did live in a street that is really cool. Here is the official video…

LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk is Playing at My House

Techno-Indy? Good stuff. North American Scum is also a must on a good ipod selection.

 Arctic Monkeys – Fluorescent Adolescent

Just listen. No, watch, what a strange video.

The Blow – True Affection

let’s call the whole thing off

Repeating head melody of the a.m. – Peter, Bjorn & John’s Let’s Call It Off. These songs below are a few of several tunes that I can visualize gracing the background of a not-for-profit short fishing video. Seems like anymore, I’m so oriented towards fishing video editing that I no longer listen to music for plain and simple enjoyment, but to find stuff that fits my video style.

 I’m into their music now. I dig the whole Writer’s Block album. Teen Love, The Chills, Amsterdam and of course Young Folks are all awesome tunes. I’d recommend the album.