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Over the past decade Vandalia Rodworks has seen a variety of logos. I’m still a little attached to the brook trout artwork done by a friendly Glenville State College art professor. It was a painting he did of a Big Run brookie that was donated to TU Back The Brookie. He gave me permission to scan the artwork and use it as I wished for business purposes. Since I never made a dime off of the logo itself I’d say he didn’t harm himself with that permission. Recently, I decided that if I’m ever going to make any noise with Vandalia Rodworks I may need to diversify my thinking and my products. So I plan to begin developing some logo gear pretty soon. An instagram peep of mine, Sam Stewart, designed some pretty cool logos for me.


I’m really digging the new look. The bottom left logo seems to have the most likes from those polled so far. The top logos will likely be used more subtly, such as on front of shirts.


More Vandalia Rodworks Press

Brad Rice from WCHS TV (Charleston/Huntington ABC Affiliate) came out to the shop and did a nice story on my company Vandalia Rodworks. The prefaced the story with an encouragement for local fly fishing enthusiasts to “look no further than the Kanawha Valley for the perfect Christmas gift”. Geez, as if my two year backlog of orders wasn’t bad enough! Now I’m really covered up. I suppose I should probably raise my prices again soon, but even then the cost/benefit is not incredibly profitable. I enjoy making rods, but sure wish I could engage this type of great marketing with a business that turned a much nicer profit.

Link – Travelling West Virginia: Vandalia Rodworks

I’ve recently made an update to the forums on my start up website Hopefully that will cut down on some of the spammers. Encourage anyone you know who might be interested in any of the topics there to join up and join in.

I’m on vacation. Let’s party.

Don’t have to be back at verk (East German accent on purpose) until the 28th. The twenty-freakin-eighth. How cool is that? Plan is for the first ANNUAL Vandalia Rodworks Bamboo Rodmaking School to commence on Monday. I’m somewhat inept but prepared, so I think we shall have barrels of monkeys. Actually, just haven’t done a rod making school before, so the verk shall be mighty at the beginning until I gauge the progress of the team. Hopefully we get so far ahead that we are faced with the difficult decisions of ‘where to fish’. Although given the strange water levels we’ve had in recent months we could be forced into chasing gauges. ‘Tis well.

This Is Fly has a new issue out. Check it out.  

Then let’s party.

getting back on the horse

My dog ate my homework. Busy as crap this last month. World record rainfall. Ridiculous spouse’s schedule. Gas prices.

No excuses. You only live once. (By the way, this is me talking to me). After a notable absence of extended activity in the rodshop I busted a freakin’ move on Sunday afternoon. I cranked out two of three sections of a blank for Defjam in one sitting. Got to adjust the forms and bust that third out while momentum is rolling.

After glueing up both of them I was able to spend some time at the lathe cranking out a new NS buttcap for NA’s hapless rod. Note to all rod builders, rod makers, aspiring fishing pole artists; don’t buy REC’s all cork NS double sliding band reel seat. I’ve installed two of these on matching 6′ brookie rods and both of them have broken off in a matter of 3 years. I would imagine that at some point I’m going to have to fix them yet again. The deal is that an all cork reel seat is brittle by nature. Couple that with a rod intended for abuse on high gradient brookie streams and you’re asking for trouble. One conk on a rock and the reelseat is busted in two. So that brings me back to the lathe where I pulled my last two hairs out trying to get a mirror finish on the bottom of said buttcap. I hate sanding for hours, but more than that I hate having the emotional high of rodmaking momentum burst with some tedious and time consuming activity.

Maybe. Just maybe. I will get a couple of MUCH needed hours in on the trout stream tomorrow afternoon.

progress? we don’t need no steenking progress

For those of you who’ve placed rod orders with me, I don’ t know how else to put this…put it on ice. I’ll get to it. Geez things have been slow this past summer/fall. I would’ve thought with my two kids getting older (now 2 and 3 years) that I’d actually get a little more done. Ha. It’s worse now.

I’ve been on one rod now for I think more than 8 weeks. That’s ridiculous. Sad thing is that the blank is just now nearing completion so I haven’t even started the finish work yet. Good gawd. Maybe it’ll speed up this winter. You hope.