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The Brown Coal Tattoo

Don’t ask. Don’t tell.
The latest short video from Vandalia Rodworks. Enjoy!


Red Gold

Sorry it has been so long since my last post(s). I’ll try to pick it up a bit this winter.

Update on the video progress: I’ve started tearing apart some of my footage and I still want more raw footage. The edge just isn’t there yet. I met with Dr. Todd Petty and got an hour’s worth of footage of him telling all sorts of great novelties and anecdotes about brookies, but I need more. More More MORE.

Till then, have a look at a fantastic conservation video done by a much more apt production company than my own. I’d like to get a copy of this sometime to see, but if anyone has a copy already and wouldn’t mind me crashing your couch to watch it, I’ll bring beverages.

Colorado Video Short

Finally got around to putting some of my Colorado video together, enough for a short-fastandfurious-video anyway. Check it out…

Unfortunately, the resolution on the upload is not all that great so it is hard to see the fish in the water on the video, let alone the flies floating through the pools. I will probably upload a full resolution version in flash format to my website soon.

Back in the Saddle

I did some tweaking last night with my video editing software and it appears that I may be back in the video making business again. Shoo-wee, it has been a while since I cranked out some videography. Just so you don’t think I’m making this up I went ahead and took a portion of the summer brookiebum trip’s footage and put it into a short video for your viewing pleasure. This one took about an hour’s worth of post production so it isn’t overly polished. Really just an experiment in seeing how much stress the virtual memory on my machine would take. It went well. Also, on a somewhat related note, I have a wireless mic that works now. The last two were junk. So I’m ready to roll on finishing up the last bits of a DVD that I’ve been talking about for two years.

Now I’m leaving, on a jet plane…

Final blog post before Chris and I head to Colorado in the wee hours of the night. In preparation, let’s watch some of my photos from last year’s Montana trip again. By the way, I produced a 40 minute DVD in sort of a diary format of fishing in Montana. It is for sale at a ridiculous price of $10. I’ve sold enough copies to almost buy a cup of coffee at McDonalds. Don’t let the fact that it didn’t make the New York Times Bestseller list stop you from ordering a copy. It isn’t bad. I intend to do a lot of video on this trip as well. Only this time, I think I am going to morph this video in with eastern brook trout fishing for a feature DVD with a conservation of native species theme…something like “Eco Fishing: The Importance of Native Species”. What do you think? We’ll see how it goes. I’ve got a lot of technical garbage to do on my computer to get it video editing ready again.


Cold Spell

Took me exactly 2 months to break the formula. I wanted to try to do a highlight video of each month. But since February was so freaking cold I had to grab a few footage shots from early March to complete a 4 minute video worth watching.

On these videos, nothing is scripted or preplanned…at least not normally. Sometimes I have an idea for a shot, but it rarely turns out as expected anyway. The music is also rarely preplanned. This is normally how it goes on these short clips: I use Windows Movie Maker for the short films, I randomly drag and drop clips, add a few effects like speed ups-sharpening/darkening/lightening images-time trails-etc., maybe an occasional interesting transition (none on this one though), then I import about 3 or 4 random mp3’s from a big library of songs and drop each one onto the time frame and listen to it, if it flows okay it sticks. Simple as that. Maybe some adjustments of clips to match certain elements within the song. In the case of this video, I put the underwater shots of gratefulphisher’s 15″ rainbow when the guitar picks up heavyness. Some stuff like that.

There is a short clip of the capitol and one of Jack Williams declining to comment on a certain day’s activity in the legislature – those from WV will understand why I included these otherwise non-flowing clips into this “February Highlight” video. The legislative session is over now thank God. Now we can focus 100% on the business of fishing.

January Fishing Recap

Not incredible fishing, but at least I fished a little. Why does Spring have to wait so long?

(note a few shots taken by the Go Pro camera mentioned in another blog entry. Worked pretty well, but taking some trial and error. Found that the subject has to be pretty far from the camera and that the underwater world is much different than above water, you can really see the fish out to 20′ just fine. I figured once the fish got beyond 5′ away it would be wasted data space so I turned it off when the fish got out that far…lesson learned.)

Fryday Wheeee

Dairy Queen burgers suck bad. What part of that meat makes DQ management think people will gravitate towards their restaurants for a tasty bite of filler smothered in cheese. If it weren’t for the fact that my wife wanted to meet for lunch and that she wanted Starbucks at the mall (the only Fivebucks in Charleston) I’d never eat there. Well, the Blizzards aren’t too bad in a pinch and the gravy isn’t bad in the overpriced chicken basket meal, but how on earth do you screw up gravy? I assisted in some investigations at the Chas. Town Center concerning their sanitation last year. I cannot go into details, but if I have to eat at the mall I prefer DQ and rest assured it isn’t for culinary genious.

I got volunteered to tie some flies at the KVCTU booth at the WV Hunting & Fishing Show tomorrow afternoon so if you’re around stop by and give me a shout. There was a time I was downright giddy to go to this show, but after about 10 consecutive years of it I’m getting pretty tired of it all. Incessant blowing of turkey calls, taxidermists I’ll never use, Botswanian outfitters I’ll never use, massive crowds…I’d normally pass. I’d love to go to a fly fishing show sometime though, I could dig that.

Thanks to Rick B. for giving me a shout last night after finding out about an outdoor photo & film festival sponsored by Adventures Edge in Morgantown. I’ll have some submissions. Here is their website, caution, it’s old school html…why does this store have a .org address?

It’s Friday, wheee (caution: f-bombs and strife…and gonads)

on cameras


Recieved a new piece of equipment for my arsenal this week. I bought a Digital Hero 3 from Go Pro Camera. Actually, I got it from instead of directly from Go Pro, mostly because if you order from Amazon, you get a discount on the memory card (2 GB card for something like $15). I found out about this camera from AEG Media’s blog, they recommended it for low budget filmmakers like me for nifty underwater shots. The Digital Hero 3 straps to your wrist and features a small camera inside a waterproof casing. It is waterproof to 100′. I haven’t used the camera yet, but here are my initial thoughts:

  • The lens is tiny. Not unlike a Polaroid digital camera I had that I recently sold. The tiny 2 mm lenses normally suck as they do not allow much light in. I have a feeling that underwater shots on headwater brookie streams where the canopy is intact and the stream lies in a canyon will probably not work very well. Not to mention tanin stained streams.
  • I got it for the video function. It takes 3.0 megapixel still photos, which may end up being what it gets used for as I’m really skeptical if the video quality will be good enough to view on television via DVD. Even then, 3.0 megapixel shots are cool for the interwebs, but not for high resolution magazine quality or larger prints.
  • It has a continual still shot feature where you can set it down and it snaps a photo every 5 seconds until you push the shutter again. This will fill up the memory with a bunch of useless photos, but might end up being really cool for solo trips and distant angling shots as well as for use when snowboarding, mountain biking, etc.
  • The “surfer strap” that comes on it seems like it might not hold the camera in the horizontal position very well if rigorous activity, but we’ll see. It comes with a different “glove strap” that looks like it will work better, may try using it.
  • There is no rear lcd screen, so you’ll have no idea how your photos/video turns out until you get home and put it on the pc.
  • Might be fun to strap the wrist strap around dead limbs laying along the stream, turn on the timer and hold the camera way up high for unique angled shots. Not sure if I trust myself to hold it way underwater on a limb though, that might be a recipe for losing your camera.

Should be good fun experimenting with this camera. It only costs about $140 which is much less than any other waterproof mechanism. I built a waterproof housing for my digital camcorder for these types of shots, but the housing weighs about 10 lbs. and is a real pain to carry around on the stream. It also has a slight leak that I haven’t worked out yet. If the Go Pro works out for me, I may be looking to unload the camera housing. Let me know if interested. Here is a photo of the housing…

humble roots

The video that started it all. I bought my wife a small Polaroid digital camera around 2006 that took video. As this was a new feature for me, I had to try it out. The video quality (and photo quality) on this camera wasn’t very good, but it was good enough to start an obsession. I shot the photos in this video with my Canon Rebel K2 35mm. All taken on two different brook trout streams in Pocahontas County. One near Dunmore and the other near Marlinton. The music was some free classical guitar stuff I found online. I think it is something from Handel. Anyway, fast forward to today and I’m longing for a new DSLR and an HD camcorder. Not bad progression since July of 2006 huh?