blog entry marathon begins now

If you’re reading this then you’re one of 3 people who is still checking my blog. The holidays started a snowball of brainfreeze that essentially shut down progress here. But I promise to at least post random meaningless thoughts almost daily for a while now.

On Buster Wants To Fish, a fly fishing blog I check pretty often, they claim that nobody cares what anyone wants to pontificate about indicator useage. Well then, why pontificate about any freaking thing concerning fly fishing, catching of fish, angling wyth ye hook or life for that matter. People that fly fish are people that cared enough about angling in general to curiously take it to another level. We mostly all started with bait. Some strange curiosity compelled us to do something difficult, learn to fly fish. Therefore our brains do not generally operate on pure poo. We philosophize we fly anglers. Get the hell over it.

Oh, and strike indicators are crap. Comparable to using rubber worms & powerbait on a fly rod and leaving the plastic on your cork grips. Suck me. I have an opinon and you may not agree with it. I also like tree hugging environmentalists and raging capitolism at the same time.

So that actually segways into the next topic of Phil’s introspection…a job interview. I’m interviewing for a position for the WV Rivers Coalition soon. Anyone with any grandiose vision on this non-profit group that’d like to share please do. I’ll give it my all at the interview, but I would like to know more than they’ll give me at the interview before I can make a decision to join on.

I’d like to fish somewhere this week if anyone is interested in tagging along. Shoot me an email.


About wvangler

Bamboo rodmaker. Prognosticator. Fly Angling Purist S.O.B. Dabble in snowboarding/mountain biking/backpacking. Right Wing Environmentalist. Food Junkie. Hillbilly. Intellectual Geek.

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  1. Big difference between “philosophizing” and “pontificating,” at least in my book. People can philosophize all they want to (though I’d rather go fishing), but when it starts drifting into holier-than-thou, “I fish this way so I’m better than you,” horseshite, then you’re taking all this way too seriously my opinion. Just sayin.’

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